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Essential Tasks Your Office Cleaning Program Should In Include In Winter

Winter time can be quite a hassle. This stems from the issues which can occur as a result of the cold and white snow. These include serious bouts of flu and damaged floors which lead to slip and fall accidents. There are several means to avoiding such hassles. These include incorporating several janitorial cleaning services which will help to maintain sanitation. Here are some of the essential tasks your office cleaning program should include in winter.

Floor sanitation

One of the important janitorial cleaning services you should include is floor sanitation. The floors of your office are one of the areas which receive the most damage during the winter. This stems from the amount of snow, de-icing chemicals, sand and mud which the surfaces receive on a regular basis. This leads to the staining and loss of coloration of the floors. To avoid such damage you should schedule regular floor care. This should include waxing, stripping, sealing and buffing.

Carpet care

Another important janitorial service which your winter regimen should include is carpet care. Like the floors, your carpets need to endure quite some serious damage due to the same pollutants. This can cause the floors to have an unappealing appearance. To avoid such hassles you should request the contractor to vacuum the carpets each other day. Also, you might want to consider using carpet protectors.


The frost season is a time when dust can cause serious issues due to a compromised immune system. To prevent unwanted hassles such as the flu, you should include regular dusting in your commercial cleaning regimen. This will help to reduce the number of pollutants both on surfaces and in the air. Be sure to ask the contractor to use microfiber cloths as they are more effective.

There are several important services which your winter office maintenance regimen should include. These include floor sanitation, carpet care, and dusting. Each of these tasks will help to prevent unwanted diseases such as flu and the common cold. If you would like to learn more recommendations, contact a professional contractor such as The Floor Guy Cleaning Company in Northville, NY.