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Eating at work is a very common occurrence. People like to have a snack, drink a coffee, or have their tea and biscuit while reading an article, browsing the net, or watching a video. However, what most of these employees don’t know is that there are actually some rules that should be followed when eating lunch at work. As a janitorial service provider, we would like to remind you of some of those rules.

  • First of all, eating in front of someone who is not partaking is considered rude. So, next time you find yourself eating a burger in front of your co-workers, remember that it may not be the best idea ever.
  • Some companies allow snacking in between breaks while others don’t. If you are working for one of those companies that don’t care much if you eat at your desk, then make sure you bring your food in seal-tight containers. Try to avoid food that smells and never eat soup at your desk.
  • If you like to have a snack or two in between the breaks, then make sure that you don’t disturb others with your “mmm”-ing sounds and that you clean after yourself. Commercial cleaning is a nightmare in offices where snacking is allowed and is best left to a professional janitorial service provider.

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