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Have a Spotless House or Office: Hire a Cleaning Service Provider

Are you looking for a reliable cleaning company in Northville, NY? You are just in luck as The Floor Guy Cleaning Company can provide you with top-notch cleaning service. Once we are done with cleaning your area, you would be left wondering why it took you so long to find us. Indeed, our solid reputation as a reliable cleaning service provider is a result of our utmost dedication to providing excellent services.

Our company consists of a team of cleaning professionals who have undergone extensive training on how to clean different areas of a house or commercial building. Check out the list of the services we offer below:

Residential cleaning

Do you feel uncomfortable lounging on your grimy and dusty sofa? Perhaps your carpet floors have been a home to dust and dried liquid stains that it no longer looks appealing? With your tight schedule and responsibilities, it is perfectly normal that you can’t give time for a thorough home cleaning. Don’t worry, that is what we are here for. You can trust that we will conduct a deep cleaning on your residential space. If you have carpets around your house, then we are the carpet cleaning company you should call.

Office cleaning

Several owners of business establishments in Northville, NY trust us with their commercial spaces. We will help you make a good impression on your potential and existing clients with our impeccable janitorial cleaning services.

Floor waxing

Taking care of our floor area require expertise. If you don’t apply wax or finish on your floor, chances are it would accumulate dirt faster than when it is waxed. Our team would assure you that your floors will be shiny and dirt repellent for a long time. First, we would clean the floor’s surface and allow it to dry. Then we will assess the material of your floor and apply only the right type of wax or synthetic finish to ensure satisfying results.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick up the phone. Contact The Floor Guy Cleaning Company now if you are living in Northville, NY. We also cater to clients in . You may reach us at (518) 338-9364.